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About Southwest Greens of Rhode Island

About UsWhy is Southwest Greens considered the best in the world at what we do? First, we believe in attentiveness to detail. Ours is an installation business, and we believe in providing a solution, not a sale, for our valued clientele. We follow this up with full technical support for each installation.

Southwest Greens was started in 1996 by Weston Weber, and we have 92 offices worldwide, with more on the way! We have 64 franchise offices in the U.S., and worldwide franchises in 15 countries, with Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore on the way!

Our prominent brand recognition is in part due to the numerous pro athletes endorsing and using our product, including the “Premium Line” of Nicklaus Design putting greens we use for our championship-rated greens and courses. Worldwide website exposure and highly visible national advertising aids our respected image as leaders in quality artificial turf as well.

Our passion for what we do is the key to our success! We take extra care for each client, making sure your complete satisfaction – and enjoyment – is guaranteed!